Sacrificial lamb when it comes to your kids sickness!!

“Mum I don’t feel too good,” those fantastic words that you hear in the middle of the night that get your head spinning…..

– is he/she really sick or is this another one of those things that can easily be fixed with a cuddle and a drink of water?

– are the going to vomit how much did they eat last night? You ask yourself as you try and calculate and preempt how much cleaning your going to be up for.

– what have I got on tomorrow? Is it something that I can have the day off for. The kids at school need me and we are doing something especially hands on that I’d really need to be there for!! What’s more important?? My kids or my kids ??

– why am I the one with the supersonic mum ears that always hears the kids in the middle of the night?

Getting up to find that they are sick and you begin the preparation for the day off.

D day comes and my poor child is in bed for most of the day. With me hovering around supplying soup and nibbles to cure any sickness!! After a day in bed and my fabulous soup and motherly nursing skills my child recovers. YAY!!!

Two days later….

“Yeah I don’t feel too good!”

Same symptoms

Same bed rest

No energy for making soup…

Sacrificial Mum!